Bearnaise Sauce, from A Collection of Fine Free Recipes by a Chef and Restaurant Owner
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bearnaise sauce recipe

bearnaise sauce recipe

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  sauce bearnaise recipe

bearnaise sauce recipe

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Bearnaise Sauce is a recipe that can turn a well done dinner into a gourmet feast. Bearnaise is one of the worlds most classy sauces. Not only is this version rich and exquisitely flavored, it is quite easy to do and also nearly indistructable. We used this Bearnaise Sauce a lot at our restaurant "Baron's of Old Town", and Albuquerque Magazine named me the "Baron of Bearnaise" for this recipe. It will keep in the refrigerator for at least a couple days. This Bearnaise is prepared in three parts that come together quickly at the end.

First, take:

1/4 Medium onion, chopped
1 1/2 tsp. dry tarragon, or good wad of fresh
Good grind of black pepper
1/2 cup Chablis

Simmer in small pan until liquid reduced to a couple tablespoons. Meanwhile, in another small pan, put:

1/2 pound of butter

Melt gently and bring to gentle simmer.

In the blender put:

6 egg yolks
2-3 tbl. tarragon vinegar

The trick is to have all three parts ready at the same time. When the wine has simmered down about right the butter should just be coming to a simmer, and the blender should be ready. Then:

Turn on the blender and dribble in the butter, sort of slowly at first. When the butter is all added, add the wine reduction. Let it whirl for a few seconds, then put it in a bowl and chill it for a couple hours.

Bearnaise is good with red meat, vegetables, egg dishes and seafood. It has a particular affinity for asparagus, venison, filet mignon, artichokes, and lobster. There might be nothing in this world better then a rare filet of venison, say elk or moose, topped with an artichoke heart and well covered with Bearnaise. With a bottle of red wine, a leafy salad, and good company, this paradise is paradise enough.

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