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Kitchen Safety Tips

This is an overview of what I, as a chef, have found to be the most common ways people can get hurt in a kitchen, and the ways you can avoid being hurt, or hurting a friend.

A busy kitchen on a professional level is a dangerous place indeed, with many sharp edges, hot pans and fire, breakables and burnables, oils and acids, and a lot of people working very fast. Both the tension and the level of cooperation in a good fast professional kitchen are incredible, and the attention to safety, both your own and your co-worker's, is all pervading. Here is some of the most valuable knowledge regarding kitchen safety that I have learned in my career.

No matter who you are, or your skill level, this site is worth a quick look-through to remind yourself of the basics, and to check and make sure you have not missed anything. You may also want to use it as you teach your children or beginning employees to work a kitchen.

Probably the two most dangerous characteristics of a kitchen are: Knives and Other Sharp Edges, and Fires and Other Hot Things. These both have been given their own pages. In addition I have a page on General Kitchen Safety page which covers "Food Poisoning, Spoilage and Temperature Control," "Chemicals" and "Slips and Falls."

If You Know Of Anything Important That I Have Missed Email me and I will try to add it to the site. Bookmark this site now, and come back occasionally to see what is new. Good Luck, and: Keep On Cooking!

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