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Welcome to Great Cooking!

The purpose of this site is to bring gourmet restaurant experience directly into your kitchen.

As Owner and Head Chef of the boutique gourmet restaurants Baron's of Old Town in Albuquerque and Casa Vieja in Corrales I was honored by having selected recipes requested by and published in such publications as Gourmet, Bon Appetite and to receive mentions in Du Monde and a host of other publications.

We had a customers who came in from San Francisco for our Cioppino, one who would call in from Denver to reserve a half of a Lime Pie before he flew down, and a gracious gentleman from the west Texas oil patch, (he owned a goodly chunk of it), who thought our steaks were so good he didn't mind driving 200 miles for dinner. Even Billy Sol Estes showed up one night! We were so tightly booked we had to turn away the Governor one evening. I am sharing these things to illustrate that our food was great. You can trust these recipes.

For this group of sites, we have chosen recipes that are excellent and that a person of average skills can cook.

We now have sites which present Appetizers, Salads, Entrees, Sauces, Holiday Recipes & Desserts. There is also a section with our favorite Mexican recipes. From the recipes currently on this site you can make a fabulous meal for company, or merely enjoy a great green chile stew for Sunday brunch. We have also provided a section on Kitchen Safety which we encourage you to read. Your kitchen is one of the most dangerous places in your household so this information is important.

Recently, we have added the following sections:
  • Seafood
    Wonderful ways to cook lobster, oysters, shrimp and other prime seafoods, and some exceptional sources of the finest fresh seafood available.

  • Holiday Recipes.
    Including how to properly prepare Turkey and Dressing, Margaritas, Tom & Jerries, Pumpkin Pie, and some other dishes you will enjoy during the holidays.

Bookmark this site or add it to your favorites list now. Come back often to see what's cooking. I would appreciate feedback, especially as to anything you may find confusing or hard to understand in the recipes. Keep in touch, and...

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