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teri-aki sauce

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Chinese Teriaki sauce teriaki sauce recipe, Teriaki Sauce, Oriental recipe

Since the dim and ancient days of the first Asian cuisines, when soy beans were first fermented into soy sauce, the search for the most perfectly crafted and spiced soy based sauce has a long and respected tradition. Teriaki, a blend of light soy sauce, a carefully chosen suite of spices, and specially prepared sugar, is generally considered the major contender for the most flavorful and pleasing of all soy based sauces. Baron's Imperial Teriaki Sauce is an ancient and authentic version of this classic sauce of the Asian Cuisine.

Baron's Imperial Teriaki Sauce is highly spiced with an exceedingly complex taste and bouquet. It is the product of centuries of careful selection of spices, soy sauce and sugar, and the development of a slow infusion or brewing process. It does not resemble the commercially available Teriaki Sauces. We used this recipe at our restaurant, "Barons of Old Town", in Albuquerque, and it was wildly popular. The restaurant is gone now, but there still are a few of us that chip in occasionally on a batch that we split. This ancient recipe has been my secret for 20 years, and was the secret of David Daw, (Batu Gorgon), before me. I have broken the secrecy, and it is now available here.

Teriaki Sauce starts out with a particular kind of soy sauce. Nine spices are used after a "freshening" trick. These spices include star anise, fennel seed, ginger, peppers of three kinds including the newcomer to the suite, Capsicum, which was not available to the Asian cuisine until the discovery of the New World. There is also orange peel, cinnamon, ginger and a special type of sugar.


The major part of this offer is a detailed two page recipe for Baron's Imperial Teri-Aki Sauce with the ingredients and their characteristics described. It covers the exact measures to use, and all of the tricks involved in the preparation of Imperial Teriaki are carefully explained. This is a very clearly and carefully written recipe, and if followed exactly, will produce a truly exceptional product. I will also give you a number you can call me at for 30 days after you receive the package, and if there is anything that is not perfectly clear to you, I will do my best to make it clear.

There is also a discussion of the uses of Baron's Imperial Teriaki Sauce and several recipes using it as an ingredient in marinades for fish, fowl and meat, as an accent in egg or cheese dishes, and in Oriental cooking. Also, there is a carefully detailed explanation of Chicken Teri-aki, from both an aesthetic point of view and related professional production concerns, some of which can be quite lucrative.

The cost of this package is $50.00, and it comes to you in a brown envelope as six pages of print. I have tried to make the price high enough so that the recipe does not become common, but not so high that the smaller shop or a person who loves good food can't afford it.

This is a natural item for a quality small shop to produce for it's customers at the shop or to bottle for mail order or assortment baskets. For a restaurant or catering operation it adds an exquisite taste and aroma to many foods. As a "signature" item, half or whole chickens simmered in this sauce make a memorable and low cost addition, either hot or cold, to a buffet, picnic or restaurant menu. Baron's Imperial Teriaki Sauce is also nice to use in household cooking, as a table condiment, or to make up an occasional batch of the secret recipe for gifts, ect. The rich and sensuous scent that Imperial Teriaki Sauce lends to it's surroundings makes it a natural for the bachelor or refined playboy. Real Estate Agents sometimes simmer a bit of it in a house that is for sale to give it a friendly, "lived in" smell. Imperial Teriaki Sauce is a truly warm and versatile addition to any culinary repertoire.

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Teriaki Sauce, Oriental recipe
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Teriaki Sauce, Oriental recipe


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