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Clean Water and Other 2012 Survival Tips

Water knowledge is one of the most important parts of survival lore. A man will die from lack of water long before he will from lack of food. An untrained person trying to survive in a desert often has only a day or two before total incapacitation sets in. Poor water also carries diseases, which if they don't kill you, can severely slow you down and make you a burden on your comrades. Here are some ways to make sure your 2012 survival water supply is safe.

How to make your water safe

  • Keep a bottle of Chlorox or other source of chlorine on hand. Chlorine is still the best water insurance.

  • To the jerry can or whatever else you keep your long term 2012 water supply in, add a few drops of Chlorox before fastening the top or cover.

  • If you are using water that you do not know for sure is clean, clean it before you drink it

  • If it has mud, sediment or bugs in it, first strain it through several thicknesses of cloth and let anything remaining settle out

  • If you boil water for 10 minutes after it has been strained, it will be drinkable

  • Add two drops of Chlorox per pint of water after it has been strained and let sit twenty minutes. This will also make dirty water drinkable

  • There are filters, and pumps with filters, that are now on the market that will clean water so that it is safe to drink. Follow the directions. One of these in the survival kit is always valuable.

  • Just because a stream looks clean, don't trust it. Always clean your water if you don't know for sure it is clean.

Other knowledge that may help you survive a 2012 crisis:

  • Try to keep yourself clean. If you have to be cold and hungry, you don't want to be sick too.

  • Always keep a good supply of any drugs you may need, extra eye glasses, matches and such handy and well protected.

  • Have a good 22, know how to use it, and stash a lot of ammo. A good shot with a 22 can harvest almost any of the edible animals in North America, and a 22 will work for protection. 22 ammo is good trading material.

  • Have a large supply of tobacco, and stop smoking. Someone who smokes will trade almost anything for tobacco.

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