Caesar's Salad, from A Collection of Fine Free Recipes by a Chef and Restaurant Owner
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caesars salad Recipes

caesars salad salad Recipes

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Free salad Recipes

Free salad Recipes

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Caesar's Salad-
The Real, Live Original!

Caesar's Restaurant was a fixture in Tijuana, Mexico from 1927 through the forties and fifties, and may still be there in one form or the other. It was there shortly after it opened that Alex Cardini, Caesar Cardini's brother, created the Caesar Salad. Luckily, the restaurant was named Caesar's, or this marvelous creation would be known as the Alex Salad. Alex, who was an Italian fighter pilot in WW1, origionally named caesar salad the "Aviators Salad", in honor of his flying friends across the border at North Island, but the restaurant was named Caesar's, and as Caesar's Salad it is known.

Caesar's Salad is a "Production" salad, and makes a grand entrance to a dinner, or quite a nice meal in itself. It is wonderful for showy tableside service. With a bit of judicious "trimming" here and there, it also makes a nice addition to the diet repertoire.

The Romain for Caesar Salad should be fresh, crisp and properly torn into bite sized pieces. It should be cold and well drained. There is really very little cheese needed, but it should be a nicely scented one, finely and freshly grated. The croutons are important, be sure they do not scorch as they are being prepared. Now, to do Caesar's Salad:


Cut a cup or so of good french bread into 1/3 inch dice. Toss around gently in a moderate frying pan with a sprinkle of olive oil and a couple crushed cloves of garlic. Add a couple more drops of olive oil from time to time. After ten or fifteen minutes, when the croutons get crisp and a bit browned around the edges, you can add a couple dots of butter and a dash of garlic salt. Toss around a bit, then reserve the croutons, rub your salad bowl down well with the garlic cloves, and discard the garlic.


Let an egg warm to room temperature. Just before salad is prepared, drop egg into boiling water for one minute. Remove and let cool a bit.

(There are possible health concerns, and a lot of paranoia, about eating slightly cooked eggs. I have been told that "Eggbeaters" work well here, and they are sterile. Use relatively little of them.)


First, assemble the ingredients:

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