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Deviled Eggs!

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Deviled Eggs are one of the world's great appetizers. Deviled Eggs are simple to prepare, quite delicious, and also economical. Deviled Eggs go well with anything, and few are the people who don't like them. They are equally at home at a family picnic and a formal cocktail party. Deviled Eggs go especially well with a dry white wine or Champagne, a good cold beer, or ice cold vodka. Here is one of my favorite recipes.

To Make Deviled Eggs

  • Take one dozen eggs at room temperature and gently lower them into a pot of boiling water. Bring back to boil and boil gently for 12 - 15 minutes. Drain and immediatly cover with cold water. When cool, peel the eggs, cut in half lengthwise with a very sharp knife and put the yolks in a small bowl. Reserve whites. Add to the bowl:

  • 1 Tbl minced onion

  • 1 Tbl minced celery or a good dash of celery salt

  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise or sour cream

  • 1/2 tsp ground white pepper

  • dash of salt, dash of Tabasco Sauce

Mash all together well, and fill reserved whites. Garnish Deviled Eggs with a few specks of paprika, or one or more of following: chopped capers, a few drops of hot chile sauce, a small bit of caviar, chopped black olives, chopped red pimento, grind of black pepper, slice of pickled green chile pepper, ect, ect.

Chill Deviled Eggs well and serve.

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