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Phillipe- August 22, 1999-

Good. Thank you for the recipes. Will let you know of my progress. I have corrected your English a bit in the below before putting it up, (about three mis-spellings and an odd word or two). Anybody who does not like a recipe in French flavored English will not enjoy Escargot. Too bad! This all will go up on the recipe site at: soon. I am going to use it all just about the way it was written. Bruce

Hi Bruce

You are right about snails. As you say, they are not inherently poisonous, but they can become poisonous with the plants they eat, but I think if you give them wheat flour and lettuce for 2 weeks (or more...) , they can be prepared after starving 4 or 5 days, as I say in the site.

This is my best recipe (and very easy) :

goat cheese stuffing for 100 snails (previously cooked in court bouillon):

  • 400 g of goat cheese ( or greek feta )
  • 100 g of butter
  • 4 cloves of garlic (finely chopped)
  • salt

Knead all together in order to obtain a smooth paste and use it as you would "beurre � la bourguignonne".

Another personal good recipe that is on my site :

Escargot with mushrooms:

Clean and cut mushrooms. Saute, with a little garlic or onion according to your taste, for about 5 minutes, stop when there is no more water. Season with salt and pepper, add snails (previously cooked, even still frozen) and a glass of white wine.

When wine is well reduced, add the above butter, or beurre � la bourguignonne. It is optional to add a little Cognac. Stop cooking when butter begins to bubble and serve in special plates.

An alternative : replace the butters with cream and chopped tarragon.

Obviously, if you insert these recipes in your site, please do me the favor of correcting the slightest mistakes in my English.

The snail-eating Frenchman went to "La Reunion" island for his holidays (Indian Ocean), a very nice trip !

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Philippe- I think you are right, the snail around here does look like a petis gris, slightly different here in New Mexico, but so close it couldn't really be anything else. It lives in the gardens. It is most probably good to eat, since we have few dangerous plants around here. I do have the luck to know about poisonous snails. In the several species we are looking at, the only thing that will make a snail poisonous is if the snail has been dining on poisonous food before you eat him. This is the only thing that can make these kinds of snails poisonous or in any way dangerous. I first learned about this in Tahiti, where the French introduced the big vineyard snail. It turned out to be a terribly distructive pest, ate everything including a lot of poisonous stuff, and was very difficult to clean for consumption. I also found that the tourists never knew this, and they ate a bunch of snails. I didn't.

Send me two real good recipes for snails and I will put them up on the site and credit them to you. Where did a snail-eating Frenchman go for his holidays? Bruce

I apologize for the delay, I was on holidays. Thank you for your congratulations. I think your snail is probably the "petit-gris" (brown garden snail) which has a lot of shell colours around the world, even in a same region. You can try to eat them after a good preparation, I don't know poisonnous snails ! I have visited your site too-- perhaps a snail recipe soon !

Bruce- The URL of my site: "escargot & heliciculture" is changing , now it'll be:

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